Meal Plan: Work Week of Meals for 2

When Planning is a Pain

What’s for dinner this week?  Better yet, what about breakfast, lunch, and snacks?  This is a challenge we all face every single week.  However, sometimes we are too busy to plan out our week of meals and end up doing a Supermarket Sweep or just grabbing food from a local fast food joint when we start to feel hungry.  I know there are dozens of meal plans out there, and I have listed some of the best online options I have found on this previous post.  The only problem with the free meal-planning options is that you end up buying way too many groceries to make each different meal and waste a lot of food and money.

I try to plan out our week of meals every Sunday based on our schedule.  I end up writing the dinners on a sticky note on my Mac widget, but you can also print out a cute one here or make a decorative board.  Since weekends are a lot more unpredictable, I will always try to have ingredients on hand to make a few meals for us and items for potlucks and parties with friends.  For example, we will usually have a bag of tortilla chips, a jar of salsa, and a few avocados to make impromptu guacamole, a box of Funfetti cake mix for birthdays, a bottle of wine, an excess of fruit to make fruit salad, and a can of crescent rolls to put together a quick appetizer.  These aren’t always the healthiest options, but they are quick to make when you are invited to a party and need something semi-homemade pronto!  As my mom always says, “Never show up at a party empty-handed!”

The Meal Plan

Since I only work part-time and my schedule is pretty flexible, I thought I would share the fruits of my meal-planning labor with you!  I set up a grocery list with every food item you will need for 5 days of the week, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks.  You might already have some of these items on hand, so when you print out the list you can go ahead and check those off in the appropriate column.

I listed the calories for you too if you were curious, but this is not a diet.  When I do health coaching with people, I can assess their goals and set them on a purposeful eating and exercise plan, but since this is just a general meal plan, you will most likely need to adapt the meals as you see fit for you and your body.  This is a meal plan built for 2 people, but if you live on your own then you can always freeze the leftovers for the following week, or just be generous and invite people to eat the food with you!  You can also easily double many of the ingredients to make this a meal plan for 4, 8, 12, or however many mouths you are feeding (by the way, way to go if you are feeding more than 2).

Download Your Work Week of Meals for 2 Here!

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Kasey Shuler

Kasey Shuler

Hey y'all, my name is Kasey and I started this blog in 2012 under the name Well of Health out of an overflowing passion to teach wellness. I am a wife to Mattox and new mom of my own 24-hour personal trainer named Ellie. I have a degree in Health Promotions, am an ACSM certified personal trainer, and an AFAA certified group fitness instructor for classes like spin and Body Pump. I love Jesus, experimenting with healthy recipes, interval training, DQ blizzards, and writing for this blog!

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